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The dynamics that come with relocating a business are not only meticulous but full of moving parts. Time is literally money in the business world and losing precious time due to an unprofessional transition can be very expensive. Affordable moving offers flexible move times during outside of business hours and at a very competitive rate. 

A smooth transition for your business relocation is imperative and one of our specialties. Our commercial moving service enables a quick and easy move and can handle your needs from office furniture, files, inventory, small equipment, to disassembly and reassembly of furniture. We provide a stress free commercial moving experience that works for your business

  1. Appliance/Break Room Moving
    We have appliance dollies at every move to accommodate large refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, and other appliances. Commercial appliances will need to be viewed before scheduling.
  2. Large/Single Items
    Only need one large item moved? We can help. We move Tempur pedic beds, Recliners, Gun Safes up to 500 lbs, Pianos (excluding grands), lawn decor and much more for a flat rate.
  3. Same Day/Next Day
    Out of time? Moving unexpectedly? Your moving company cancelled? We allow same day and next day moves if there is availability.
  4. Furniture Pickup/Delivery
    Furniture company can't deliver soon enough? Call us, we can help.
  5. Load/Unload Only
    Only need your moving truck or POD loaded or unloaded? We are happy to do it!
  6. Assembly/Disassemble
    Need help taking furniture apart? Don't have the time or patience? We can disassemble and reassemble furniture on site (to reassemble we must disassemble).

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