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 We have answered the questions our customers ask the most... if you have a question that is not covered please click the contact us button and shoot us a message.
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    How much will it cost me to move?
    The cost of your move will depend on a few factors: 1. How much you have to move 2. How well are you prepared to move 3. How far are you moving? All of these factors play into how much your move will actually cost. After the initial 2 hour minimum + trip charge your move cost will be prorated. To receive a quote click FREE Quote link above.
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    Are you licensed and insured?
    Yes, we are fully licensed and insured per the State and Federal regulations. All customers automatically receive the federally mandated minimum insurance coverage. Additional insurance can be purchased, the declaration disclaimer is under the Contact Us link above.
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    Are there a minimum number of hours?
    Yes, 2 hours is the minimum for most moves. If you have a large item or single item move the rate is a flat fee and there is no minimum.
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    What is a trip charge?
    The trip fee covers the time for our movers to get from the lot to your location. It is applicable to all hourly based moves and moves outside of the city limits of Wichita. The trip charge is $30.00/truck per trip (one per moving day)
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    Do I have to pay per stop or location?
    No, however, the time is continuous throughout the move. We will not charge an additional trip charge or stop fee unless your move is outside of Wichita city limits.
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    When does the clock start and stop?
    The clock starts when we arrive to your home and stops when we are done unloading the last item into your home. If you are moving out of the city limits the clock STOP in between cities. We will not charge for time in transit as this charge is built into our long distance move quotes.
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    What type of equipment will you bring?
    Every move we will have on hand: heavy weighted moving blankets, straps, bands, dollies, and a tool set.
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    How big are your trucks?
    Our trucks are 26 foot long
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    Do you have trucks to rent?
    No, we do not have trucks for rental.
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    Can I help load the truck?
    No, we prefer for customers to give direction and not help load the trucks. Customers who break this rule will void the provided insurance. We only insure items in which we have possession and control of throughout the move. The declaration disclaimer is under the Contact Us link above.
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    Do you offer packing services?
    Yes, packing services are charged at the same hourly rate and they do NOT include any supplies. Customer may buy their own packing supply or we can provide and add to your invoice.
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    Do you move pool tables?
    Yes, but they must be disassembled for us to move them and they do require a 3 man crew.
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    Do you offer loading or unloading services only?
    Yes, we would be happy to help load or unload your truck for you. However, we will not assume responsibility for any damaged items as we require full possession and control from start to finish for our insurance to be validated. (this does not include items damaged in the on loading/off loading process). The declaration disclaimer is under the Contact Us link above.
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    What happens if something gets broken or damaged?
    Affordable moving does cover liability insurance and in the event of damage the customer will receive an insurance claim for us to process for damage reimbursement. The declaration disclaimer is under the Contact Us link above.
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    What happens in case of inclement weather?
    In the case of bad weather affordable moving may request to reschedule your move, however, bad weather does not automatically cancel your move. Customers who wish to still be moved in inclement weather will do so at their own risk and this will waive liability. The declaration disclaimer is under the Contact Us link above.
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    Do you move sheds?
    No, we do not move sheds at this time.
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    How do I contact you outside of business hours?
    Please email us at: [email protected]
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    Do your movers have background checks?
    Yes, our movers are checked to ensure they do not have a violent criminal record.
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    What if I need to cancel?
    If you need to cancel, we ask that you contact us as soon as you know. Any deposits given will be forfeited if less than 48 hour notice is given, deposits can be transferred to an alternative move date if more than a 48 hour notice is given. If you are needing to cancel and it is outside of business hours please send an email to: [email protected]
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    Do I have to empty out my dresser and/or chest of drawers?
    Yes, we will ask for your dressers and chest of drawers to be empty during transit. We will not be responsible for damaged items due to them not being emptied or falling.
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    What payments do you accept? How do I pay?
    Payment is due at the completion of your move. We accept cash, local checks, and debit/credit cards.
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    Does it cost more to move on weekend?
    The only day that is more is Sunday, the rate for Sunday is $125/hour for a 2 man crew. Saturday is at the same rate as the other weekdays.